Johnson’s Baby Soap Review 2019 Best Baby Soap Free from Harmful Ingredients

Johnson’s Baby Soap

Johnson’s Baby Soap Review 2019

Johnson’s Baby Soap is one of the Johnson’s Baby products which I used at first for my baby boy.  As Johnson’s Baby products are reliable to all for its quality, I decided to use Johnson’s baby soap for my baby. Since then, I have been using Johnson’s Baby Soap for my son’s skin care who is 6 now, because this soap is enriched with baby lotion and vitamin E. It is also free from harmful ingredients. It makes his bath effective and enjoyable.

Johnson’s Baby Soap

Johnson’s Baby Soap

I use Johnson’s Baby Soap for my son’s bath from day 1. It lathers well and spread smoothly to clean the body. This soap cleanses his body gently and leaves it soft & supple without drying. Besides, it moisturizes his skin with good smelling. It keeps his skin healthy without any irritation. This soap suits my son well. My son feels comfortable with this soap. He lathers on his entire body with this soap and likes to play with foam. Actually; bath time is play time for my little kid.

The only trouble is that if the foam of soap gets into the eyes, it gives a burning sensation to the eyes.  So, I always remain conscious during the use of soap and tell him to close the eyes tightly.

Best Baby Soap

Johnson’s baby soap is enriched with baby lotion and vitamin E which keeps babies’ skin soft and smooth by gentle cleansing. This soap also restocks babies’ skin with moisture which is reduced due to cleaning. This gentle function of soap is effective for babies’ skin in the growing ages.

Johnson’s baby soap is gentle& mild which is proven clinically. It is also free from harmful ingredients like- parabens, phthalates, SLS &Alcohol. That is why; this soap is safe for babies and newborn.

Johnson’s baby soap is specially made for babies. But this soap is not bad for an adult. Sometimes, I use it to take a bath and it suits me well.  It cleanses my skin (normal type) without drying and leaves it soft. Its smelling is good. Like me, you can use it for yourself, if you want mild and gentle soap. Certainly, you won’t be frustrated.  As it is a mild soap, it is very effective for sensitive skin too.

Johnson’s Baby Soap

Johnson’s Baby Soap

Directions to use

  • Wet your baby’s face and body with Luke warm water.
  • Lather on your hand or washcloth.
  • Gently apply to your baby’s skin.
  • Rinse off the baby’s skin properly with lukewarm water.


This soap can be used for 3 years from its manufacturing date.

Price & Quality

It costs you RS. 55 for 100g that is affordable for all consumers.

Skin type

Johnson’s Baby soap is mild and gentle and it is suitable for all the baby’s skin types.

Key ingredients

The key ingredients of Johnson’s Baby Soap are Mineral oil, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Milk Protein, Baby lotion, water, Fragrance.


Johnson’s Baby Soap is available in a cardboard case in which the soap remains in a plastic packet to maintain its quality. For this reason, I like packing. This soap is milk white in color.

Johnson’s Baby Soap

Johnson’s Baby Soap

The Good

  • Enriched with Vitamin E & baby lotion.
  • It is mild and gentle which is clinically proven.
  • Free from harmful ingredients like – paraben, phthalates.
  • Has nice mild fragrance.
  • Cleanses baby’s delicate skin gently.
  • Keeps baby’s skin healthy without irritating.

The bad

  • A burning sensation is felt to the eyes if the soap gets into the eyes.


Johnson’s baby Soap is very safe for all babies because it is harmful chemical free. It is gentle for babies’ delicate skin and keeps babies skin healthy. I use this soap for my son and get effective result. If you are looking for mild, effective and safe baby soap for your baby then, as a mother, I can recommend you to use Johnson’s Baby Soap for your lovely baby.

All the best

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