Best Baby Hair Oil: Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil Review-2019

best baby hair oil

I use Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil for my babies because it is enriched with Avocado, Olive and Pro-Vitamin B5 which are really very good for hair. So, it is the best baby hair oil to me.

Best Baby Hair Oil

Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil

Before using this oil, I applied Olive oil at my babies scalp and hair. This effect was as usual. So one day when I got Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil in a supermarket, I grabbed this baby hair oil, for my babies. I was like, “Hmm, I am looking for such type of baby hair oil”. Well, I will share my experience with this hair oil through my review. To know about this product read on this review.

Best Baby Hair Oil- Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil Review-2019

I have been using Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil at my babies scalp and hair for a long time. To give a loving hair massage, I take a required amount of hair oil on my palms and then gently massage my babies’ scalp with my fingertips before and after bath every day. It protects my babies’ hair from dryness as well as dullness & gives my babies’ hair a soft and healthy look.

This hair oil nourishes my babies’ hair properly and helps to keep my baby’s hair healthy grow- up. It has a nice mild smell which I love on my babies’ hair.

A gentle hair massage gives babies relaxation and stimulates senses which are very important in their growing years. My babies like hair massage very much and feel comfortable. Sometimes my younger baby who is 8 months old, falls asleep with hair massage.

 What about the Quality

Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil has got the credit of best baby hair oil because it is pure and mild. My babies ‘do not get any irritation by applying the best baby hair oil.

best baby hair oil

Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil

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This hair oil is enriched with avocado, olive and pro-vitamin B5 which are very good for scalp and hair. It is safe to use for babies’ hair because it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil is mild and gentle which is clinically proven. It is also allergy tested and dermatologist tested.

I am satisfied with this hair oil as it works according to my expectation for my babies’ hair care. So, you can apply this hair oil for your baby’s hair care undoubtedly.

Sometimes, I also apply Johnson’s Baby Hair oil to massage my scalp and the effect is not bad. It gives my hair a soft and healthy look. That’s why, if you want to apply mild hair oil for your baby’s hair care, you can apply Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil.

One thing with this hair oil is that it is nonsticky hair oil but sticks to my hands more than hair. I have to wash my hands by soap to get rid of it.

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Directions to use

Take a required amount of oil on your palm. Then, gently massage over baby’s scalp with fingertips.


Price & quantity

It costs you RS.67 for 100 ml which is quite affordable for all consumers.


Mineral oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado ) Oil, phytosterols, Olea Europea (Olive) Fruit oil, Panthenge Triacetate, Fragrance.

best baby hair oil

Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil


Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil is available in a clear plastic bottle with a light green lid. The lid is tightly locked to avoid unwanted leakage of oil but you can open it easily. The packaging is nice, sturdy and Travel-friendly.


The texture of Johnson’s Baby Hair oil is light and non-sticky.


  • Removes dryness and dullness from hair &scalp.
  • Keep babies’ hair soft & healthy.
  • Enriched with Avocado and pro-vitamin B5.
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Affordable and can be found in all stores including the supermarket.
  • Available in different sizes.


  • Johnson’s Baby Hair  Oil sticks to hand more than hair



Final Verdict

Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil is effective for baby’s delicate hair and tender scalp.

This hair oil keeps babies’ hair soft and healthy without any irritation. So, if you are looking for such mild and effective baby hair oil for your little baby’s delicate hair care, you can apply it to develop your baby’s sensation through this hair oil massage. Certainly, Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil helps you to create an emotional bond with your little one.

Best of luck.