How Much Should a Newborn Eat [Step by Step Feeding Guidelines for Baby-1 to 12 Month]

how much should a newborn eat

A newborn baby is a blessing for a family. After the birth of a new baby, there is no limit to the happiness of their parents. But at the same time, a question arises for parents that how much should a newborn eat? Because the natural growth of a baby depends on its taking the … Read more

5 Simple Exercise for Pregnancy Woman for Safe Pregnancy Period, Delivery & Keep Body in Shape

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Amazing Benefits and Techniques of Baby Massage- Helps to Grow Your Baby

Baby Massage

Baby massage is important to a baby for her growth and achieving the power of thrives. Being touched she gets confirmation that her mom is there with her and feels secure. Through a gentle massage, a baby gets proper touching, one of the five senses that’s developed at birth. Whether you give your baby a … Read more

7 Easy Swaddling Tips on How to Swaddle a Baby to Provide Warmth like the Womb

You have become a mother for the first time. A big congratulation!! But your newborn’s constant crying is making you tensed. Right? Don’t worry. It’s because your newborn baby is missing the comfort that was provided by the warmth inside the womb. So, to calm your baby, learn how to swaddle a baby properly by following … Read more

Learn 13 Easy Tips on How to Soothe a Crying Baby and Calm Her in 5 Seconds

Best Tips to Soothe a Crying Baby

Are you struggling to soothe your crying baby even after meeting up with her basic needs? You can’t understand exactly why she is crying and how to soothe her. Don’t worry! Here I have 13 easy tips on how to soothe a crying baby. Applying any of these tricks, you can calm her in 5 … Read more

Top 11 Best Swaddle Blankets Review- 2020 [Work Wonderfully]

Best Baby Swaddle

As a parent, are you looking for the best swaddle blankets for your newborn? If yes, STOP here! This is the right place to choose your demand-able one which will give your baby a womb-like feeling and comfort. Top 11 Best Swaddle Blankets Review 2020 for Your Newborn When a newborn comes to the light … Read more

28 Best Food for Pregnant Woman-Reduces Health Complications & Ensures Healthy Baby

Best Food for Pregnant Woman

Are you worried about what kind of healthy pregnancy foods are right eating for you and your fetus in the womb? Don’t worry as I’m here to help you with a chart of the best food for pregnant woman. During pregnancy, you can take these foods to get a healthy balanced diet, proper nutrients, vitamins, … Read more